Online Business

What is an eCommerce Website?

eCommerce is a term used to describe online sales. An eCommerce website is an online shop where people can purchase either physical or digital goods and pay for them online.

There are different types of eCommerce websites; some are simple shopping cart features built into a regular website or blog, for clarity we refer to these sites as Webshops. Some sites are more product focused with fewer text based pages, which we refer to as Online Shops.

We offer a variety of solutions and make recommendations based on a number of factors such as what volume and type of products you wish to sell, your preferred payment gateway (such as PayPal), your desired postage structure and also your budget.

eCommerce Websites Suitability

eCommerce websites are suitable for the majority of UK business, ranging from sole traders working from home, to businesses who are on the high street and would like to find new customers online, or just make it easier for customers to buy products.

Stay In Control of Costs

Shopping carts are a great option if you have a successful online presence elsewhere, such as Amazon or Ebay, but you find the ongoing costs are too high or you would like to have more control of your business in the future.

We don’t change any additional monthly fees and you are free to add products when you wish.

Direct Website Management

All our eCommerce websites give you full access to maintain all areas of your shop and website. Whether it is to manage your products, change stock levels or keep your customers informed on the process of their order, it is all within the same system.

Websites Payment Facilities

Most clients use PayPal to take payments for their items when they first start an eCommerce website, as PayPal is relatively affordable and there are no monthly fees. PayPal will also handle card transactions on your behalf, so customers can use their cards and do not need to have a PayPal account to purchase your products.

Secure Online Shopping Carts

Security should never be taken for granted, especially in the world of eCommerce. Many shopping carts give you the option to either process payments directly on your website domain, or via a redirect to a payment page controlled by your payment processor, such as PayPal.

Both options are popular, both are safe, however more responsibility falls to you if you choose to process payments directly on your site.

Additional services including SSL (secure) connections and dedicated IP addresses are required in order to keep data safe, should you opt to process payments directly on your site, or if your payment processor insists these must be in place.